You’re Not Broken

Feb 11, 2022

When my husband passed away unexpectedly, I felt so very broken. In every way. I thought often about how incredibly broken I was. It became something that I believed without question. And therefore, I acted accordingly: just like a broken person.

Much later I realized that “I’m so broken” simply was not a thought that served me.

For me, “I’m broken” meant that I was neither functional nor repairable. The thought “I’m broken” kept firmly planted in the mire of my misery, unable to break free.

So, I began to sort out what actually was broken. My heart? Definitely. Everything I knew to be safe and comfortable? Yes. The future we had planned? Yes.

Lots of parts of my life felt broken, but I decided that I wasn’t one of them. I decided that “I’m broken” was a lie I was telling myself.

Here’s the truth: I was actually functioning in my new, albeit surreal life. I was getting out of bed when that felt like an unsurmountable task. I was going to work and doing my best. I kept 2 dogs and 4 horses fed, and I eventually learned how to feed myself, too. I learned how to fix sprinklers, which felt like the biggest win.

I was functioning. I was figuring it out. I was not broken.

I don’t think you’re broken, either. I think you’re functioning in this life that, granted, you never wanted. I think you’re doing what needs to be done. I bet that lots of things feel broken, first and foremost, your heart, but overall, I know that you’re not broken.

You simply have a normal human brain, flooded with grief. There is a way forward, and it has nothing to do with waiting for time to heal (thankfully, because it doesn’t).

Healing and rebuilding require only one thing: intentionality. It’s the willingness to question the thoughts you tell yourself and then deciding if they serve you or not, and if not, it’s the decision to choose other thoughts that do.

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