Hi, I'm Teresa Amaral Beshwate, MPH

Certified professional life coach, best selling author, and widow.

This is my story...

In 2012, my husband and I were celebrating our anniversary out of state when his heart stopped beating. I was in complete shock and I couldn’t understand the words people were speaking to me. No matter how you lost your spouse, I bet you can relate.

I didn't know how to do life without him.

I didn't know "me" from "we."

I didn't understand my grieving brain.

I didn't know my purpose.

I didn't want to move on or leave him in the past.

I felt regret about the past.

I couldn't find the support I needed.

I was so lonely.

I took the long road to healing. I spent the first 6 years attempting to stay busy enough to avoid my new reality. My job at the time kept me traveling, and although I didn't believe that time would heal, I thought maybe I could outrun the pain.

I was wrong. There is no such thing as outrunning the pain. 

I’ve learned so much since that time. I figured out how to live life again. Although I didn't have his physical presence, I did have his love to support me. 

I reconciled the past.

I evolved into a version of me that includes him.

I learned how my brain was changed by my loss. 

I identified how to stop pouring salt into my wound so that I could actually heal the wound. 

I moved forward, with him and for him, and I learned that there's no such thing as "moving on."

My purpose in life became clear: I became a certified professional life coach exclusively for widowed people. I curated the perfect tools for this uniquely difficult journey, and I created a community of people who get it. 

When the world keeps turning and everyone goes back to their own lives, know that I'm here, offering first-hand experience, unique insight, powerful tools and a community of people who are growing together.

I've created a coaching program exclusively for widowed people. 

It's called Life Reconstructed.

It's based on a simple, 3-step process that can help anyone navigate grief. It results in calm, clarity and confidence. 

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The person I’ve become is not in spite of my loss, but because of it.


Lora B.

Before I met Teresa, I was just getting by. I felt lost and empty with no real direction or purpose. The most difficult part was that I was afraid that I would never feel better again.

I gained the tools and confidence I needed to work through the pain. I found Life Reconstructed to be a Godsend. 

Nancy L.

Teresa has taken me from undoubtedly the worst time of my life after the loss of my husband to a place of reassurance and hope for the days ahead. 

I'm so grateful that I've found Teresa and her profound work on helping widows travel through the pain of loss and recovery. Her program and book will have a lasting effect on me for the rest of my life. 

Millie W.

I liked being coached by someone who has experienced the loss of a spouse. I felt comfortable opening up to her. 

I learned coping strategies that helped me feel optimistic and hopeful. I realized that I'm in control of my thoughts and feelings. I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now. 

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You can do it, too. 

If you're ready to invest in yourself and your future, let's get started.

Time does NOT heal, but intentionality does. 

You can do this. I'll walk alongside you every step of the way. 

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