You don’t have to “move on” or “leave him in the past”

Feb 02, 2022

Does the thought of moving on feel horrible to you? It did to me.

Perhaps well-intentioned people in your life are suggesting that you need to “let him go.”

Many widowed people are convinced that they’re doing it wrong… if there were a “right” way to grieve.

As I approach a decade of life after the loss of my husband, I have spoken to hundreds of widowed people, and I’d like to shout the following from the rooftops:

  • There is no requirement to “move on.”
  • You don’t have to “let him go” in order to be doing it “right.”
  • There is no one “right” way to grieve.

There is moving forward, and that can be done with him, for him, and fueled by his love. It took me 6 years to figure out how, but it doesn’t have to take that long. In fact, I teach it in 6 months. If you’re ready to invest in your emotional well-being….if you’re ready to start healing more efficiently and on your terms, click here to schedule a free Hope Breakthrough Session.

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