Why weight gain is normal

May 20, 2022

Gaining weight in the aftermath of losing a spouse is common. As you experience unprecedented difficult emotions, your primitive brain urges you to numb the pain.

You see, the primitive brain has only one job, which is to keep you alive. It does this in one of three ways: urging you to avoid pain, seek pleasure and be efficient. So naturally the primitive brain tries to solve for such horrific pain by suggesting some form of numbing agent.

For some, the numbing agent of choice is to stay busy. For others, it’s Netflix or social media. For many, it is food or alcohol.

Sure, it’s only a temporary solution, and not entirely effective either. But it’s something, and when you’re in the darkest darkness, something is better than nothing.

The problem is that there is a net negative consequence. Attempting to numb with food or drink creates weight gain and poor health, which leads to regret – another feeling that needs to be numbed.

So, numbing with food begets more numbing with food. The same is true for any numbing agent of choice. They’re all temporary, imperfect and they all lead to more urges to numb.

My client Sheila has dieted since she was 13 years old. Her weight has fluctuated over the years as she has tried every diet in the book. Since we began working together, she has lost 16 pounds with ease, even as she has traveled and eaten out. She now feels a sense of complete control over her food choices and weight.

And she is no longer dieting. Her results are a side effect of managing her mind.

She’s using the same tools she learned to help with her grief. Sheila knows that the tools will help her create any result in her life. She’s currently dealing with grief and changing her relationship with food. And she’s only just getting started. She has a lot of life yet to live.

If you’re ready to face your grief head on and end the struggle with weight gain, my coaching program called Life Reconstructed is for you. It’s exclusively for widowed people and it’s proven to help my clients create their very best-case scenario.

It’s a short-term investment in you, but the dividends are life-long. Simply click here and we’ll see if it’s a fit.

Learn more about Life Reconstructed.

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