When you feel judged

Mar 31, 2023

You have likely been on the receiving end of judgement about your grief journey. It can be an undertone or gentle hint, or an outright intervention. It often sounds like:

  • You should be seeing someone by now.
  • You need to be moving on already.
  • It’s time to get back to your old self.
  • You need to let him go.

It’s likely well-intended, and a little self-serving, because if you’re better, then they can feel better, too.

It’s also the opposite of what you really need.

Because for most widowed people, there is an ongoing internal dialogue about how you’re doing it wrong. How you’re failing grief. How your brain shouldn’t still be so foggy.  

The pain of losing your person is profound on its own, and then you pile on extra layers of self-judgment. And add to that, the judgement coming from friends and family.

It’s all so heavy.

Inside of Life Reconstructed, my coaching program exclusively for widowed people, you’ll be surrounded by people who get it. You’ll have a certified professional life coach who has firsthand experience of the widowed journey. And you’ll have the life changing tools of life coaching.

It’s the perfect blend of expertise and support to help you feel understood and supported as you step forward toward a life you will love again.

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