The one thing that changed everything

Oct 14, 2022

In the years after my husband’s sudden passing, I believed that I couldn’t possibly be happy again. I thought that the length of my misery demonstrated the depth of my love for him.

The idea of experiencing joy again seemed both far-fetched and disrespectful.

These thoughts were constants in my mind, and they seemed true to me at the time.

But I was wrong about all of it.

The one thing that changed everything was that, at some point, I was willing to examine these thoughts more closely. I was willing to be wrong. As a result, I created my own version of happiness. I figured out how to truly live – for him and for me. I begin to live in a way that honored him and our love, all while finding more of me along the way.

What are your thoughts about your life after loss?

  • About your ability to really live again.
  • Your worthiness.
  • Your ability to move forward in a way that honors your late spouse.
  • Your ability to find yourself again.

Are you willing to hold each thought up into the light and examine it closely, no matter how true it seems? Are you willing to consider that the opposite might actually be more true?

Because you’re a human, some of the thoughts your brain offers you are simply not true, and others don’t serve you at all.

Unexamined thoughts lead to lives lived on autopilot.

Now more than ever is the time to check in with your own thoughts, and decide anew if they are both true and serving you

Because this chapter of your life is created first with your own thinking.

What is your brain offering you?

It doesn’t have to take years for you like it did for me. If you’re willing to examine your own thinking to find your most efficient way forward, the best time to begin is now. Life Reconstructed is a coaching program I created exclusively for widowed people to help them go from living on autopilot to living on purpose. If you’re ready to invest in you and your future, simply click here and we’ll see if it’s a fit.

Learn more about Life Reconstructed.

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