The Missing Peace: How to Create any Feeling

Mar 18, 2022

In my conversations with hundreds of widowed people each year, I often ask, “What do you want for yourself?” and a common response is, “I want to feel peace.”

I understand. The mire of grief is anything but peaceful.

There is fear, uncertainty, and so many unknowns. There is worry, overwhelm and emotional exhaustion.

Feeling a sense of peace seems far fetched at best.

But it’s possible, and it is even possible right now.

When you experience, say, fear or overwhelm, notice what thoughts you’re thinking in that moment. They are thoughts that very naturally lead to those feelings.

Yet you have the authority to choose other *true* thoughts, too. And then think those thoughts, on purpose.

What true thoughts genuinely create a feeling of peace for you?

Thinking these thoughts, on purpose, on a regular basis, will allow you to feel glimmers of peace along your journey. Peace truly can be a part of it, along with all the other emotions that come with the territory of profound loss.

If peace feels unattainable, I see you. It did for me too. Inside my coaching program called Life Reconstructed, I’ll show you how to create any feeling. If you’re ready to invest in yourself and feel better very soon, click here and we’ll see if it’s a fit.

Simply click here and we'll see if it's a fit.

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