The #1 Reason Why Time Does Not Heal

Jun 03, 2022

An all-too-common grief myth is that time heals all wounds. In the absence of an actual solution, the notion that time could heal is, at least, something to hold on to.

And yet, just one weekend can be incredibly long, painful and lonely. If a weekend is so difficult, waiting for more time to pass in order to heal feels impossible.

Not to mention there are examples everywhere that prove that time does not heal. They come from grieving people and sound like,

It’s been 10 years and it hurts like yesterday.

It’s been 5 years and I’m certain that this will never get better.

I’ve can never get over it.  

It isn’t time that heals – it is intentionality. And intentionality starts with a thought.

It’s a willingness to examine the repetitive thinking happening inside your brain -  to hold each thought up into the light and question its truth. It’s being intentional about deciding which thoughts serve you and which do not.

Time does not heal because time does not change your thoughts. Time doesn’t have that power over you.

Only you have the power to examine your own thoughts and decide which to keep and which to delete. Only you have the power to think thoughts that are true and serve you, on purpose.

It took me years to learn that time passes excruciatingly slow and has no healing power whatsoever. Today I am a life coach for widowed people so that you don’t have to endure the painful passing of time.

Healing, growing and creating a meaningful life for yourself is done with intentionality.

My six-month coaching program called Life Reconstructed is exclusively for widowed people. Intentionality is what we do. The results are incredible, and the dividends are life-long. If you’re tired of waiting on time and ready to be intentional, simply click here and we’ll see if it’s a fit.

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