Permission to live

May 13, 2022

Have you given yourself permission to live again?

Yes, your world stopped turning on that day. The dividing line was placed, forever marking the “before” and the “after.”

And there was a time when all you could do was draw the next breath and will your heart to beat. Later, you found a way to put on a game face and perform basic functions like groceries, appointments, and home maintenance.

What would it mean, though, to live again? Not to exist or merely survive, but to truly live?

It might sound unfathomable. You may think:

How can I enjoy my life when he’s not here? Or,

I failed him, so I don’t deserve happiness now.

To truly live again, you need permission. And not the kind of permission you might get from others who care about you.

You need permission from yourself.

Permission comes in the form of a thought that is true for you. A thought that you think on purpose. A thought that creates certainty and opens the door to possibility.

There is no right or wrong. There is no moral high ground. You get to do this your way, on your terms, and on your timeline. You have options.

You can live your life in existing mode. At least for now, and maybe forever.

You can also allow yourself to dream again and fully live the life you have left.  

Either option starts with a thought.

If you’re tired of living in a self-imposed life sentence of merely existing, and you’re ready to challenge your current thoughts that keep you there, I’m here for you.  

My coaching program called Life Reconstructed is exclusively for widowed people and it’s proven to help my clients create their very best-case scenario.

It’s a short-term investment in you, but the dividends are life-long. It will shape your future in ways that you can’t currently imagine. Simply click here and we’ll see if it’s a fit.

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