Now what?

Jul 01, 2022

Life was unfolding as expected. The finish line of retirement was in sight and the dreams were beginning to become reality. And then the unthinkable happened: a devastating diagnosis or a shockingly sudden death.

The life that had been, for the most part, beautiful, in a split second turned brutal. And life was forever divided into two distinct parts – the before and the after.

You survived the initial aftermath. You even figured out how to exist on autopilot. There was support from some, silence from others, and it became clear that a non-grief savvy society would require you to put on your game face and act like things were better than they actually were.

Perhaps therapy got you back to functioning and grief groups helped for a while……

But now what?

Do you sometimes wonder if this is all there is?

Is happiness even available now? And if so, could you allow yourself to be truly happy in a life that no longer includes his physical presence?

Think about your worst-case scenario. Most likely, it has already happened.

So now what is your worst-case scenario? Maybe it is that you might continue to exist but never truly live again. Perhaps you never realize your full potential. Maybe it’s that you’ll always hurt like this.

Maybe your worst-case scenario is the life you’re living right now.

Don’t miss out on the life you do have.

Happiness, albeit a different version, is available to you, and it’s mind-blowingly good. When the worst has already happened, you get to dream big and live a big, bold, beautiful life. You can do that with him and for him, and all the while you’ll find more of yourself, your purpose, and your potential.

This is what do we inside Life Reconstructed, my coaching program exclusively for widowed people. You’ll have a private coach and the most life changing tools at your fingertips, not to mention a community of like-minded people who get it to cheer you on.

If you’re ready to stop merely existing, simply click here and we’ll see if it’s a fit.

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