Julie's story

Mar 11, 2022

After Julie’s husband passed suddenly, she found herself solo parenting two daughters while living on a farm that needed tending. In survival mode, she learned to run the farm herself and focused on getting her daughters through high school.

Therapy helped her reconcile past difficulties and deal with the trauma of her husband’s passing, but she struggled to find a way forward.

She felt stuck in her grief. “I was using work to run from the feelings and otherwise attempting to numb the pain,” she explains. “I was terrified of the future, I wondered how I was going to survive, and I was fearful of everything.” She was deeply exhausted.

Julie believed that coaching could help her get unstuck and find a way forward, so she invested in herself. She joined Life Reconstructed and learned the simple 3 step process to navigate life after loss: 1) Observe thoughts objectively; 2) Decide which to believe on purpose and which to stop believing on purpose; and 3)  Think intentionally. A former teacher, Julie is also a good student. She committed the time and energy to apply everything she learned.

As a result, Julie learned to face the pain and feel it. She was able to quit running and settle into the reality of her life. “Since then, I've been able to finally focus on finding my authentic self.”

“While I still deal with fear, it rides in the backseat now, rather than driving the car as it once had.”

The more she felt free of guilt and regret, the more she felt hopeful about her life and her future. And the more hopeful she felt about her future, the more she started creating it.

Already a professional organizer, she decided to become a certified professional life coach as well and started her own business called Navigating Widowhood. Today she combines her passion for organizing and coaching to help those who have lost a spouse organize their life after loss.

“I created Navigating Widowhood to help widowed people thoughtfully organize their life and possessions in a way that integrates and honors their spouse,” Julie explains. “It is my way of turning my pain into purpose and serving those walking through the most difficult and life changing experience of loss.”

Are you stuck in grief and struggling to create a future for yourself? If you’re ready to invest in yourself and your future like Julie did, my six-month program called Life Reconstructed can help. Simply click here and schedule your free Hope Breakthrough Session and we’ll see if it’s a fit. 


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