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Mar 18, 2022

Have you ever attended a grief support group and left feeling worse? Or worked with a therapist who was great but had never lost a spouse?

Grief groups and therapy are wonderful resources. Historically, they have been the primary sources of help for the grieving. They have helped many get back to functioning.

But what if you want more than to just function? You survived the shock, you did all the necessary tasks, you put on your game face each day and keep your chin up for the family so they don’t worry.

And yet you wonder: is this all there is?

No, friend, there is more. There is a life waiting for you to really live. It’s a life of your own creation. The version of you living this life knows who she is. She knows her purpose. She has a strong sense of identity. She is calm and confident.

She has moved forward in a way that honors her spouse. She became a new version of herself. And she did it all fueled by his love.

After six years of staying stuck, I created this for myself once I discovered the tools of life coaching. Then I became a certified professional coach so I could go back into the darkness to find you and help you.

Life can be brutal, but it can also then be beautiful. A beautiful life of your own creation is available to you. If you’re ready to try something different and get different results, simply click here and we’ll see if it’s a fit.


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