Cleaning His Closet: An Act of Love

Feb 16, 2022

Recently I donated some of my husband’s clothing. If you have any self-judgement that you should have cleaned out your person’s things by now, I offer you this: It’s been 9 ½ years for me, and I do things on my timeline, unapologetically, and I hope you will, too.

Over the years, I’ve tackled specific things when I was ready. For example, I cleaned out the warm socks because winter was coming and I wanted the homeless shelter to distribute them.

Recently I gathered button down shirts, ties and dress shoes for the local university which provides a closet from which students can select clothing for job interviews.

As I was folding and bagging, my brain offered me the usual thought, “You’re letting him go.” I fully expected that thought. When it came, I observed it. But I didn’t believe it.

Instead, I chose other thoughts on purpose. I know my husband would be thrilled with the idea of a tall young man looking polished and professional for his first interview, complete with size 13 dress shoes.

My husband can’t fold these clothes and deliver them to the university, but I can. I did it on his behalf. It was an act of love: my love for my husband, and his love for helping others.

And I suspect that whoever wears these professional clothes might feel the love of an anonymous donor, and maybe they’ll go out into the world and spread more love.

Do you see what happened there? My brain offered me a thought. I overheard it but decided not to believe it. Then I chose a different, true thought that made me feel peaceful and certain.

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