A NYE Thought: One Year Closer

Dec 31, 2020

For many living in life after great loss, the passing of time means added heartache. With each passing day, week and month, it can feel like we are moving away from our beloved; leaving them in the past.

My first New Year’s Eve without my husband was horrific. I would no longer be able to say that he even existed in the new year. It was crushing.

“I’m leaving him in the past.”

“I’m going to forget him.”

“I’m ‘moving on’ without him.”

Thoughts like these piled huge heaps of suffering on top of already intense pain. It was many years later that I learned that my thoughts are always 100% optional.

Beliefs are simply thoughts that we have thought often. So, if thoughts are optional, so are our beliefs.

I personally believe that I will be reunited with my husband one day, when my time on earth is over. This belief is available to anyone, regardless of religion.

Given this belief, when my brain offers me those old familiar thoughts about the passing of time, I simply choose to think instead that I’m one day closer, one month closer, one year closer. I believe that I’ve said my one and only goodbye for now and am one step closer to that forever hello.

That is a thought that I personally believe. It makes me feel stronger and closer. It reminds me  that this is all temporary. It serves me.

That’s the thing about thoughts: they should be true, and they should serve us. I hope you will try on new thoughts that serve you, especially as you face this new year.

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