Widows, stop merely existing and start living again.

The Life Reconstructed Bonus Bundle includes:

a best-selling book, a journal, and 3 powerful videos. 


It will help.


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  • Have you tried grief groups and counseling but still feel stuck?

  • Do you feel unable to move forward with your grief? 

  • Are you convinced that you're in your own way?    

  • Are you ready to try something different? 


The Life Reconstructed Bonus Bundle offers a unique approach to grief. It's a proven method designed exclusively for widowed people. It has helped thousands, and it can help you.

Here's what you get:

  • The Life Reconstructed book and accompanying journal shipped directly to your mailbox.
  • Immediate access to the downloadable Life Reconstructed book
  • Immediate access to a three-part video series to help you feel better, starting today. (Details below.)
  • Downloadable documents to help you apply what you learn, immediately. 

Normally $197. But available today for just $37. 


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Start feeling better today.

The Life Reconstructed book and journal are being shipped to you, but because I want you to feel better right away, you will:


Get Instant access to the downloadable Life Reconstructed Book

The best-selling book has helped thousands, earning rave reviews for its practical and applicable advice for those who have experienced the loss of a spouse. You'll receive it and the accompanying journal in your mailbox, but why wait? You'll also have immediate access to the book in pdf to get started right away. 


Video #1

Your Brain on Grief

Understand two specific ways that your grieving brain functions differently so you can learn to work with it, not against it. You'll learn:

  • Why you're NOT doing it wrong.
  • How to support yourself better.
  • How to save time, heartache and stress.
  • How to feel better, today.
  • To see a way forward, on your terms.

Video #2

The One Reason We Stay Stuck and What To Do About It

There is truly one main reason widowed people stay stuck and spinning, and this video reveals it. You'll gain:

  • A better understanding of yourself and your grief.
  • A method to take more efficient strides forward.
  • A simple, 4 step process to help, starting today.
  • A downloadable document to help you apply what you've learned.

Video #3

Permission to Live Again

There is a specific brand of suffering that many widowed people experience, and it is completely optional. In this video, you will:

  • Distinguish between the wound and the salt, and how to deal with each.
  • Gain tools to deal with guilt, regret and anger.
  • Get a downloadable document to help you apply what you've learned. 
  • Learn next steps to get more help.
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About The Sudden Widow Coach

I was widowed suddenly in 2012, and took the slow road through grief. It was years before I discovered the tools that changed everything for me.

I became a certified professional life coach and I shared everything that has helped me in this book and videos.

These practical tools have helped thousands and I know they will help you. 

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