58. How to boost your energy part 3

This episode is the last of a 3-part series on boosting your energy. In episode 56 I focused on the negative, self-judgmental chatter that happens in your brain, and what to do about it. In episode 57 I offered 4 tips to banish people pleasing so you’ll have more energy for what matters most. And today we’re taking a close look at our natural reaction to difficult feelings, how it’s a massive energy drain, and what to do instead.

If you’re interested in learning more about how your brain is functioning differently now, watch my free webinar called Your Brain on Grief. You’ll know the top 3 changes that happen with grief, and exactly what to do about them. You’ll understand yourself better, and you’ll leave with a simple practice to help you feel better today. The link to watch is in the show notes. https://www.thesuddenwidowcoach.com/your-brain-on-grief