Impact Stories

Lora B.

Before I met Teresa, I was just getting by. I felt lost and empty with no real direction or purpose. The most difficult part was that I was afraid that I would never feel better again.My biggest insight has been that I get to choose my thoughts, and I get to choose whether I suffer: because pain and suffering are not the same. Who knew? Teresa's program makes sense of the trauma and confusion that is a widow's shattered life. With compassion and guidance, I gained the tools and confidence I needed to work through the pain. I found Life Reconstructed to be a Godsend. 

Theresa B.

Teresa helped me see that the feelings I was having were a very normal part of my journey. With her coaching, I was about to get out and actually heal. I love her!

If I had continued down the path I was on, I would have been stuck in grief and not able to enjoy the blessings that were in front of me. I would have been sad, negative and lonely. 

I learned that I am normal and I'm a different person today than I was prior to losing my husband. I also learned that my thoughts were generating feelings and that my primitive brain was keeping me safe from risk and loving again. I learned what I really wanted and needed and how to move forward.

Nancy L.

Teresa has taken me from undoubtedly the worst time of my life after the loss of my husband to a place of reassurance and hope for the days ahead. 

Teresa has become a trusted confidante because I know that she REALLY understands every thought I have. She's been right where I am. She gets it.

I'm so grateful that I've found Teresa and her profound work on helping widows travel through the pain of loss and recovery. Her program and book will have a lasting effect on me for the rest of my life. 

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Catherine P.

For those who want to ease their pain and build a new life after devastating loss, Teresa truly has a gift for this work. She is insightful and intuitive, and gently leads the way.

Before I started coaching with Teresa, I was consumed with grief for my dear husband and had a despairing view of a future without him. I felt so lost and powerless, utterly unmoored.

Now I no longer have to endure the suffering that I had been experiencing along with the pure pain of losing my beloved.

Now I have tools to guide me as I move forward, with him ever-present in my heart.

Life Reconstructed is a “hiker’s guide”, directing you along the path of grief towards a new life. 

It provides the most effective tools to use as you need them. It will show you the way.

Millie W.

I liked being coached by someone who has experienced the loss of a spouse. I felt comfortable opening up to her. 

I was struggling with extreme sadness, guilt and disbelief. I learned coping strategies that helped me feel optimistic and hopeful. I realized that I'm in control of my thoughts and feelings. I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now. 

Thanks to Teresa, I feel confident that life can be good again. 

Bonnie R.

I was living with so much fear. I felt an immediate connection with Teresa. Her approach helped me realize there were choices I could make about how I was thinking about life without my husband. Since our work together, I feel more optimistic, I have more confidence in my abilities to cope, and a willingness to experience new things.

When I think about the future, I catch myself smiling sometimes with optimistic anticipation.

Teresa, I can't thank you enough for all that you bring & share in your practice.

Thank you for the gift of you!

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Sydney M.

I was living with guilt. I thought I could have made his last minutes better and I was confused about the future without him.

I liked meeting weekly with a person who has walked the walk of widowhood and presents an actual plan for recovery.

I was able to reframe the guilt that I felt in order to facilitate letting that feeling go.  Following a plan was helpful so that I could learn to do that for myself.

I feel hopeful and confident that my life will go on and that I will be happy again.

Kathleen T.

After my husband passed, I struggled with recurring thoughts that did not serve me and would not allow me to move forward. I was suffering much of the time and felt STUCK. Close friends and family reluctantly admitted to seeing it, also. I needed the structure and tools the program provided as well as the kind, loving touch of Teresa.

I particularly liked the fact that Teresa is herself a widow and knows firsthand about ALL the emotions and thoughts of a person in my situation as a recent widow. The program was organized, calls were received on the same day and time weekly, Teresa was ALWAYS prepared and often referenced former conversations. 

I learned many new and helpful concepts. 

I have a much healthier and happier view of what the future may hold for me especially in terms of perhaps falling in love again.

Julie M. 

I was stuck in my grief, running with exhaustive work, and attempting to avoid the pain. I was terrified of the future, of how I was going to survive; of everything.

Today I feel free of guilt and regret. I feel hopeful about my life and my future.


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