You’re not your former self

Aug 11, 2023

It’s obvious that the death of your spouse changed them, removing their physical presence from your life. What’s less obvious is how their death changed you.

Death has an impact that is profound and comprehensive. There is no part of you that it doesn’t touch.

The person you were before your loss is not the person you are today. You will never be that version of you again.

And the person you are today is still being shaped by your loss. You’re still learning how to be yourself in this life that you didn’t sign up for; that feels so surreal.

So, you’re not your former self, and you’re not yet your future self.

With that in mind, please stop expecting your former self to reemerge.

Allow yourself to not recognize who you are today.

Know that who you are now is not who you will eventually be.

Decide that you’re in a state of change, because after all, your entire world changed.

Allow yourself to be in a state of learning  your current self and the reality of your life today.

Allow yourself to be a different you, now and in the future.

Grieving is learning.

If you’re judging your journey, you’re not learning.

If you’re curious and kind to yourself, you’re probably learning. Which is the most efficient way forward toward the future version of yourself.

The one who has rebuilt a truly wonderful life.

The version of you who is calm, confident and certain.

The you who is decisive, focused and filled with purpose.

That and more is available to you. If you’d like help getting there, my coaching program, Life Reconstructed, can help. Simply click below to learn more.

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