When your skills aren't helping

Jan 13, 2023

Looking back on your life before loss, you know the skills that got you through. You knew what you wanted, and you were motivated to make it happen. You were focused and you stuck with it until you created the result.

  • You got the degree.
  • You found your life partner.
  • You nailed the interview and got the promotion.
  • You raised good kids who became great adults.
  • You worked hard and saved for retirement.

But after the loss of your person, your skills seem to be irrelevant.

Your strengths that have gotten you everything you’ve ever wanted….seemingly don’t apply to grief.

Motivation is missing in action. Your ability to focus is a thing of the past. And stick-with-it-ness only applies when there is a goal.

When you’ve lost your person, new skills are needed. Your toolbox must grow.

Because this is harder than anything you’ve ever faced.

The good news is that the skills and tools you’ll use to navigate loss are the very same skills and tools you’ll use for the rest of your life, no matter what your future holds.  

The dividends are lifelong.

You'll take bigger strides in your healing, and approach life with certainty and courage. You'll build a purposeful life that honors your person as you simultaneously step into your new identity.

I will teach you in six months what it took me six years to learn.

Life Reconstructed is the coaching program I created exclusively for those who have lost their person. It’s six months of learning, growth and community. It’s the perfect blend of private and group coaching, and you can start right away. Simply click below to begin.

Learn more about Life Reconstructed.

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