When loneliness feels extra heavy

Apr 28, 2023

Loneliness is a common feeling in life after loss. Naturally you miss your person, your shared past, their physical presence and the future you planned. Loneliness is a feeling that comes with the territory.

But notice if your brain is piling on extra suffering on top of the loneliness. It can sound like:

I’ll be alone forever.

It will always hurt like this.

At my age……..

You may or may not hope to add a companion or relationship to your life. There is no right or wrong.

Let’s assume you do not want a companion or relationship. In that case, you will only be alone forever if you choose to. You can fill your life with as much social interaction as you like, ranging from a busy social calendar to having housemates.

Will you ache for your person? Yes. But will you “be alone forever?” No.

On the other hand, if in your heart of hearts you would like to have a companion or relationship, notice what your brain is telling you. It’s likely related to your perceived shortcomings, limitations or age.

Any story you are telling yourself about yourself is just that – a story. It may not even be true. And it is always 100% optional.

The next time you feel lonely, notice if it is laced with suffering. Eavesdrop on the thoughts you’re thinking. And challenge the ones that don’t serve you.

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