What if you’re wrong about yourself?

Dec 02, 2022

Looking back on your life, in what ways have you been wrong about yourself?

Perhaps there was a time you thought you would never find the person you would marry.

Or maybe you thought you were not qualified for that position.

Or that you were not athletic enough, or smart enough, or experienced enough.

But then you were proven wrong.

Which begs the question, in what ways might you be wrong about yourself now, in life after loss?

Maybe you think of yourself as someone who:

  • Doesn’t know how to do this.
  • Can’t possibly enjoy life again.
  • Is irreparably broken.
  • Is stuck in grief.
  • Can’t possibly do another holiday without your person.

You’ve been wrong about yourself before. What if you’re wrong about yourself now?

What if your beliefs about you are simply not true?

Beliefs are thoughts we’ve thought often.

A milestone moment in grief is when we are willing to look at each thought, and examine it for truth, and then, even if it seems true, decide whether it serves us or not – whether it keeps us stuck or moves us forward.

That’s my wish for you.

That you’re willing to hold each thought up into the light and consider it. Decide whether to keep or delete it. And then decide what true thought serves you better.

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