The three C's to feeling seen

Aug 12, 2022

You’ve lost your spouse and you live in a non-grief savvy society. For many, this means that you move through life largely unseen.

  • The few friends who stuck with you during the first year have backed off.
  • Your workplace granted you a few weeks of extra kindness, but expectations have long since been restored to normal.
  • The people in your life all have opinions about your grief journey.
  • Daily you’re met with the dreaded-by-every-widow question, “How are you?”

As if profound loss isn’t isolating enough, in the aftermath it’s easy to feel even more alone.

So you put on your game face and go about your day.

But no one sees the real you: the authentic version of who you are, now, as you navigate your great loss.

And perhaps you don’t recognize her, either.

Navigating life after the loss of a spouse is no easy task. But it doesn’t have to be one ounce harder than necessary. The 3 C’s below can help you start to feel seen and understood.

Connection – meeting others who are on the journey, too.

Community – being a part of a group of people who get it and lend credible, relevant support.

Coaching - While therapy is a wonderful option, now may be the time to try a different approach. Working with a certified professional life coach is a bit like having an athletic trainer for your brain.

The life you’re living is not all there is. More is possible for you, and in a way that honors your spouse.

Imagine how it will feel to be truly seen and understood, to feel the support of people who get it, and to have a coach who can help you overcome the obstacles currently keeping you stuck.

It’s all inside of Life Reconstructed, my coaching program created exclusively for widowed people. It’s everything you need to create a life for yourself – one that you’ll truly want to live.

There is a waitlist, so the sooner you’re on it, the sooner you can begin. Simply click below and we’ll see if it’s a fit.


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