Quiet grief: when no one knows the truth

Nov 08, 2023

After your spouse passed, there was the initial flood of food, cards and busyness. And then came the silence.

Those you thought would be there for you, aren’t. Small talk feels irrelevant and energy draining. You don’t fit into the world the way you once did.

Those who care about you want you to be okay, and soon.

You don’t want to add to your kids’ grief, so you put on your game face.

It’s a lonely journey in a non-grief savvy world.

So, you grieve quietly and alone. Which makes it extra hard.

The truth is that navigating the loss of a spouse doesn’t have to be one ounce harder than it already is.

There will be a time that you:

  • Think of your person with more smiles than tears.
  • Step off the emotional roller coaster.
  • Feel certain and confident.
  • Find your purpose again.

There is a way to get there sooner, and with less suffering and isolation.

It’s called Life Reconstructed, my coaching program exclusively for widowed people.  

  • You’ll have a community of like-minded peers who are learning and growing together (which is not the same as a grief group).
  • You’ll have a certified professional life coach and grief expert guiding you.
  • You’ll have the ideal tools to help you rebuild a life that honors him, and you.

You don’t have to do this alone. Let Life Reconstructed help you.

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