New year, same brain

Dec 30, 2022

Many a well-intentioned person has told you that “time heals.” It’s a common myth. It’s tempting to believe it’s true, even though the weekends are painfully slow, and examples are everywhere that time, in fact, does not heal.

Yet you hold out hope that there might be something magical about day 366 after your loss, or that the New Year might bring less pain.  

The truth is that time doesn’t heal, because the brain is still offering the same old thoughts, which create the same difficult feelings, that prompt the familiar actions or inactions that create the same old result. So, what does heal?

It is intentionality that heals, and intentionality begins with the sentences in your mind. Intentionality is to exert your control over your own brain.

There’s no need to wait for a New Year or a new week or a new day.

Start right now by downloading your thoughts. Then exercise your power to think about what you think about: decide what thoughts are true and useful, and what you want to delete. Then “shop around” for new, true thoughts that serve you. Think those thoughts regularly, on purpose.

With intentionality, you can tend to your feelings proactively, and you can also generate any feeling you want to feel.

With intentionality, you can reconstruct a life that you will love again.

After about 10 weeks into Life Reconstructed, my coaching program exclusively for widowed people, my client S. M. told me, “I’m content. I’m happy. I have so much control. The weight is lifted, the burden is gone. I don’t have all the details, but I know it will be okay.”

This is possible for you, too, and it starts with a single thought.


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