Let them be wrong about you

Aug 18, 2023

The loss of a spouse leaves no part of life untouched. There is the obvious loss, and then the secondary losses reveal themselves over time.

One such secondary loss involves the people in your life. Like never before, they won’t understand you.

They’ll try to coax you into what they perceive should be the next phase of your healing.

In some cases, they will judge you. In the worst cases, they will blame you or abandon you.

The people who choose to stay in your life will very likely be waiting around for the former version of you to reemerge. They liked that version of you. They were, in some way, a beneficiary of that version of you.

But the truth is that your person’s passing dramatically changed you. You’re not the former version of you, and she’s not returning.

A new version is forming; one that knows profound loss and its full impact.

  • This version of you is someone who has walked through the unthinkable.
  • She’s managed double the tasks and half the income.
  • She’s learned to trust herself again.
  • She allowed people to be wrong about her.
  • She formed new friendships, brought others to a close and ended people pleasing for good.
  • She gave herself permission to laugh again, and eventually to fully live again.
  • She’s crafted a life she loves; one that includes and honors her spouse.

She created all of that not because time passed, but because she was intentional. She was decisive.

She is you.

Let people be wrong about you. They don’t get it. Immerse yourself with people who do.

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