It’s okay to be angry

Aug 25, 2023

Your person passed, and you are so incredibly angry.

  • Angry at the situation. You didn’t sign up for this, after all.
  • Angry at your spouse. They’re supposed to be here.
  • Angry at family and friends. They’re not helping.
  • Angry at yourself. You think you should have done more.

Anger is a common and normal emotion to feel after you lose your spouse. You’re not doing anything wrong.

You get to feel angry.

The question is whether you want to feel angry.

Like all feelings, anger comes from your thoughts about your situation. Since the brain is hardwired to avoid pain, it will offer you thoughts that create anger. Why? Because anger feels less worse than sadness.

Underneath the anger is a deep sadness.

And we’ve never been taught how to feel any of it. No one ever sat us down and said, “Life is a mix of comfortable and uncomfortable emotions, and here is how to process the uncomfortable ones.”

That would have been good to know at age 5. It is essential to know in life after loss.

Which is why it’s a first order of business inside Life Reconstructed, my coaching program exclusively for widowed people. You’ll master your own feelings, which is the ticket to creating a life you can love again. Simply click below to learn more.

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