Is coaching right for you?

Dec 23, 2019

You never thought you would be widowed, but life threw that curve ball and it knocked you flat. You also probably never thought about talking with a widow coach. But it could be the very thing that helps you regain your footing and start to shape your life in a way that’s right for you.

You will likely benefit from coaching if:

  • You are able to go through the motions of day-to-day life, but you are not where you would like to be
  • You feel like you’re surviving or existing but certainly not thriving
  • You know what you want but are having trouble getting there

If this describes you, you may benefit tremendously from working with a certified professional coach who focuses exclusively on the widow journey.

Teresa Amaral Beshwate, MPH, The Sudden Widow Coach, helps widows who have experienced the sudden loss of their spouse or significant other learn to live and love their life again. Learn more at

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