Invest in you

Nov 25, 2022

Black Friday is here. The deals have been advertised for weeks, and the mad rush to the stores is well underway.  

But for those who have lost a spouse, it’s a difficult season on many levels. There are not one, but two empty stockings –his and yours.

Have you ever thought of getting yourself a gift?

Better yet, do you ever consider ways in which you might invest in you?

We invest in ourselves when we pursue a college degree or attend a trade school. But then, at some point, we stop investing in ourselves.

It seems frivolous or somehow selfish.

Yet investing in you is to invest in your growth, in your future. It is casting a vote for a future version of you – the person who has what you’d like to have.

Investing in you is to invest in your future results.

And what better time to invest in yourself than now, when everything familiar about your world has so dramatically shifted?

In this season of spending, I hope you’ll invest either money or time in you. Whether a book, or a class, a massage, or a gym membership.

Or perhaps investing your time - to join a Meetup group or a Soaring Spirits Regional Social Group to meet people who understand the widowed journey.

And if you feel stuck in your grief, my coaching program called Life Reconstructed might be the perfect investment in you. Exclusively for widowed people, it’s the perfect blend of private and group coaching over an impactful six months. The dividends are life long, and everyone around you benefits.

You deserve that.  

Learn more about Life Reconstructed.

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