Five simple words

Dec 23, 2022

He should be here.

This should have never happened to him, to us.

In the holiday season, these are especially common thoughts. And they feel so true.

You get to think thoughts like these. They’re not wrong. In fact, they’re part of the journey.

But do notice how they make you feel.

Arguing with reality feels extra terrible, every time.

If your soul is on a budget, perhaps you don’t want to feel extra terrible.

Ideally, we choose thoughts that are both true and useful.

There are an infinite number of thoughts available, so surely there are thoughts that are both true and useful. So, during this season of holiday shopping, do some thought shopping for yourself.

Try other thoughts on for size and see how they feel. Perhaps:

This happened.

This is what I’ve got today.

Or my favorite preface: This is the part when…… I learn how to do the holidays without his physical presence.

“This is the part when,” are a powerful five words. Write down your thoughts, and then try adding those 5 words at the beginning.

It is a syncing up with reality. And to the degree that you can sync up with reality, you remove the extra layer of suffering and lighten your load.

“This is the part when….”


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