Cleaning your mental closet

Jul 28, 2023

If you’ve cleaned a closet for the first time in a long time, you know how it goes. The only way to get it truly clean is to take out each item, one at a time, and decide if the item is worth keeping.

Some things were never yours – you inherited them, or they were otherwise given to you. Some things are decades old and long out of style. Some things don’t fit anymore. And some things you decide to keep.

The same is true of our thoughts.

We can look at one thought at a time and decide if it is our own thought or one that was handed down from someone else. We can decide if it’s decades old and out of style, and whether it fits today. Is it true? And does it serve the current version of you, the one living in life after loss?

Just like cluttered closets, it’s likely that a significant number of thoughts need to be tossed.

Human brains sometimes offer untrue, unhelpful, out of date, and inherited thoughts. Unless we open the “closet door” and turn the light on, we simply aren’t aware of these thoughts.

Which is important because thoughts cause feelings, and feelings drive action.

It’s easy to live an entire lifetime operating on autopilot, based on old, unhelpful, unexamined thoughts.

Which is why it’s an excellent practice to clean the closet of our minds: to examine our thoughts and decide which to keep and which to delete, in order to take efficient strides forward.

To hurt less and live more. To live a life you’ve created, on purpose. A life you will love again.

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