Choosing anew

Oct 25, 2023

The loss of a spouse changes everything and you find yourself living a life you didn’t sign up for. In the face of such significant change, you may naturally cling to what is familiar.

And there may come a time when you’re ready to reevaluate everything.

Life after loss can be a time to choose anew. If today you had the opportunity to choose everything over again, what would you choose?

Are your current friendships ones you would choose today? Your job? Your hairdresser?

Some relationships run their course. It may be time to bring them to a close, or to modify what once was.

You’re not your former self, after all.

You don’t fit into your world the way you once did. You may find yourself involved in conversations that feel irrelevant to you now. You no longer feel connected to people you could once relate to. You don’t find small talk interesting, and there seems to be so much of it.

Maybe you’re ready for a change. To love people from a distance.

And to make new friendships with people who are deep, who have walked through the unthinkable, too. Finding like-minded people is incredibly helpful in life after the loss of a spouse. Maybe it’s time to find your people.

Inside of Life Reconstructed, my coaching program for widowed people, you’ll meet people who get it, who are learning and growing together. People who celebrate your wins and understand your struggles.

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