Belief planning

Apr 14, 2023

Beliefs are simply thoughts you’ve thought so often that they seem true.

For example, you probably believe that brushing your teeth is a healthy practice. So, although you don’t think through all the reasons you believe it’s healthy to brush your teeth, each day you take the action of brushing your teeth.

Beliefs dictate actions. And when your actions result in healthy gums and good breath, your belief serves you well.

But beliefs dictate actions for better or worse.

What beliefs don’t serve you?

Perhaps they sound like:

I am grieving wrong.

I am so lost.

I can’t move forward without leaving him behind.

If I’m not miserable, then I didn’t love him enough.

I should have been able to save him.

Notice how beliefs like these make you feel. And from that feeling, what actions do you take?

Because beliefs are simply well-practiced thoughts, and since thoughts are 100% optional, then beliefs can be changed.

The best way to change a belief is to spend some time belief planning.

Consider true-to-you thoughts that create useful feelings. Notice what actions you naturally take when you’re feeling those useful feelings.

Then practice those thoughts on purpose. Pause after each thought and experience the feeling it creates. Review your belief plan regularly and add new beliefs over time.

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