Are You Dreading Thanksgiving? Today’s Webinar Can Help

Nov 05, 2021

In the early years after I lost my husband, the mere thought of Thanksgiving made me want to vomit. The rest of the world was reveling in all things autumn, decked out in the usual grateful- thankful- blessed attire, and I was doing everything possible to stay in denial. How could I possibly feel grateful about anything?

This month will be my 10th Thanksgiving without my husband, and I’ve learned a lot over the decade. Now I know that:

Being in denial doesn’t serve me. Only when I acknowledge the upcoming holiday can I make a plan that will serve me.

There is no way to do it "right."  It will be a messy mix of emotions, and that’s okay.

People pleasing isn’t something I do anymore, including and especially not on holidays. I can navigate other people’s expectations of me.

I can wake up on Thanksgiving morning and choose a mindset that is authentic and true, that will carry me through the day.

Is Thanksgiving an easy day? Nope. But it is also not one bit harder than it has to be. I can be fully present in the moments and enjoy the people I do have, and I can make space to feel the ache of loss. There is pain, yes, but there doesn’t have to be suffering too.

I’m sharing these lessons (and more) in my free webinar on Friday, November 5th, 2021 at 3 p.m. pacific/ 4 mountain/ 5 central/ 6 eastern. I hope you can make it, but even if you can’t, feel free to register anyway and I’ll send you a link to the recording. Click here to register.

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