Announcing Life Reconstructed Group: big results in less time

Feb 14, 2023

“I want to live again, not merely exist, but truly live.”

That is something I’ve heard from many clients, and what’s been surprising is how early they say it – after only a handful of coaching sessions.

Which got me thinking about my traditionally 6-month long coaching program.

And that led me to create Life Reconstructed Group, a three-month small group coaching program to help you deal with the fear and overwhelm and take big strides toward creating a life that you will love.

It’s not only possible, it is happening for my clients and I want it to happen for you, too.

Spend 3 months getting exactly what you need to start living again:

  • You’ll have the expertise of a certified professional life coach and ten-year widow, Coach Teresa.
  • You’ll experience the power and efficiency of small group coaching.
  • You’ll have a community of like-minded people who get it and are growing together.
  • And you’ll gain the most life changing tools that are ideal for this uniquely difficult journey.

It’s what you’ve been missing, and it’s all inside of the Life Reconstructed Group coaching program. We begin the week of March 6th and end the week of May 22nd.

These three months will pass anyway. Why not be a different version of you in May?

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